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Prepare flavorful dishes for friends, family, and events by integrating the natural goodness of essential oils into your cooking. When you choose to blend the rich flavor spectrum of essential oils into your food, your dishes will burst with freshness and the pure delight of previously untapped culinary novelty.

Essential oils can be used as either a substitute for typically dried spices like Rosemary, Oregano, and Cinnamon, or as a surprising flavorful twist with oils like Lavender or Wild Orange. With only a few drops, you can refresh your entire recipe book with a new depth of flavor that will take you, your family, and your guests to a delicious culinary experience unlike any you’ve known before.

Not only do essential oils bring greater depths of flavor to your food, but they also add unique internal health benefits. There are many health benefits of essential oils that are received best by the body when taken internally, so adding oils that perform well internally to your dishes is one easy way to reap these health benefits. You can start with something as simple as adding a few drops of Lemon or Peppermint to your glass of water and then progress to things like creating marinades with Black Pepper and Thyme or chocolate cupcakes with infusions of Wild Orange and dollops of Lavender frosting.

The possibilities are truly unlimited when you add essential oils to your spice cupboard. Whether you’re looking for a bright way to start your day or a sweet way to end it, look through these recipes for essential oils provided below to find your next tasting experience. Be brave when cooking with essential oils, try something new and get a little creative! We’ve provided many recipes for you to start with, but we hope they will push your imagination on to even greater combinations and refreshing infusions!