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The gifts of nature’s most potent elements are now harnessed in a pure and simple form that's accessible to everyone and easy to use. Bring these natural gifts into your life to empower you and your loved ones with natural wellness solutions for a lifetime.

The therapeutic and aromatic benefits of dōTERRA’s essential oils are woven throughout each of these products, enhancing their potency and adding a new degree of vitality and wellness to your everyday routine. Rather than relying upon artificial scents or chemicals, these products rely on the inherent capacity of nature to bring the human body and mind to a natural and lasting state of wellness. Whether you choose to experience the benefits of essential oils in their pure simplicity or blended together for compounded benefits, we have what you need to bring natural health solutions to you and your family.

The quality and grade of dōTERRA’s essential oils are unparalleled across the essential oil industry. dōTERRA knows that with higher quality comes higher potency. Their strict attention to detail begins with their sourcing, harvesting, and distilling methods which were carefully designed to obtain the highest level of function from the plant. This process requires sourcing plants from various regions of the world as well as partnering with growers who understand not only the nature of the plant, but also in what capacity dōTERRA intends it to function. As a final ode to quality, every batch of essential oils must pass through a rigorous testing process before qualifying as CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and being marked fit for distribution.

The moment you experience one of dōTERRA's essential oil products, we promise you will notice the difference. The smells of dōTERRA essential oils are purer and the function is more potent and direct, resulting in a product that you are sure to come back to again and again to provide the relief and support your body needs. There is a distinct quality that only comes when a company adheres to strict production standards, and this quality is markedly tangible in every dōTERRA product.