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Cleansing Spray



  1. Put 10 drops On Guard Essential Oil and 5 drops each of the remaining essential oils into the glass bottle.
  2. Pour witch hazel into the glass bottle until full.
  3. Put on the lid and shake until mixed. 
  4. Shake each time before you spray! You can use this on toilet seats, door handles, airline tray tables, subway railings, hotel counters, or steering wheels.


  • The efficacy of this spray comes from the natural cleansing properties of the essential oils.
  • Keep this spray in your purse, especially when you're traveling, so you'll be ready and prepared to face whatever cleansing needs arise.
  • This spray is also perfectly safe to spray on your hands before eating or after touching something grimy. It smells great and the hint of aloe vera is a nourishing bonus.