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My dōTERRA Story: Shirley Morhet

"Over eight years ago, I had an unfortunate fall that changed my life forever. Several discs in my neck and lower back were badly damaged. I have always been highly active throughout my life, so it was very difficult to accept that this ability had been taken from me so quickly. Even simple tasks like washing a vehicle, sweeping, or mopping would wipe me out for the whole day. I was also unable to ride my bike with my 10-year-old daughter. This felt unacceptable to me. Eventually, after years of spinal injections, physical therapy, and pain management, I could no longer handle the outrageous costs and side effects of the medications I was taking. The most frustrating part was that despite all of this, I was still in a state of constant pain. Surgery was not an option I was willing to consider, so I was determined to look elsewhere.

And then, two years ago, a miracle came into my life: dōTERRA! I started taking the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality supplements daily. My energy levels went up, my thinking became sharper, and my discomfort began to subside. Now, don't get me wrong, if I over do it, I do still have a flare up. And on those occasions, when I’ve tried to do something like move something that’s too heavy for me or paint my entire house, I use my Deep Blue® Rub layered with Lemongrass essential oil to manage the site on my body that is causing me discomfort. I also will alternate applying Frankincense essential oil or PastTense™ Tension Blend for the head tension that often comes along with a flare-up. In addition to applying Frankincense, I also like to diffuse it because it gives me a sense of peace and well-being and helps me cope with the feelings of sadness that come when I get too down on myself.

I can't imagine my daily routine without these amazing oils—they have changed my life and given me new freedom in so many ways! My only hope now is that my story will impact and bring comfort to someone out there who has lost hope. I believe what we experience in life is meant to allow us to bless others. Bring the power of dōTERRA into your life and be blessed!"

—Shirley Morhet